28 June 2008

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Ok, so I got there way way too early, but I wouldn't have known what to do with myself at home.  I only live 5 minutes from CityWalk so it didn't hurt me to just go there and hang out.  I met other fans and we waited together thru a teen talent show that seemed like it would never end. 

Other friends that came from out of town met up with me.  I talked to other fans that I have met before at other events.  It was fun and exciting anticipating seeing Lucy and her show.

Finally around 6 o'clock the barricade was set up around the stage and those of us who were there were able to take our positions.  Not too much later Michael, the back up singers, and the band came out and started to set up.  Then Lucy walked out... texting nearly the entire time.  She sat, she walked around, and talked with Michael a lot during the sound check.  She was trying to rest her voice for the performance later but she did speak to a few of us.  She waved, smiled, and texted back and forth to Sharon who was only about 6 feet away.  :)  She sang a few songs for the sound check.  But mostly this was all great fun for us because we got to just enjoying gawking at her and taking photos.  She didn't seem to mind.  She's a great sport!

Here’s the order of the show with the highlights from the in between moments…. 

1) Tell Mama

Lucy: "...Hello Universal CityWalk...Here's one for the truckers..."

2) Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

Lucy as she points at all of us: "...Look at all my friends here...Love you...This one's for you..."

3) Like the Way I Do

Lucy: "...Now for something completely different...For everyone who's ever left somebody..."

4) Superstar

Group of men in the back: "...We love you Lucy!"

Lucy: "...Is it this dress I don't know...I don't recognize you from any of my other shows..." Everyone laughs

Lucy continues: "...Must be the dress...First three rows (she points at all of us), they're my people...but we welcome other fans..."

5) Wonderful

Lucy (gearing up for What‘s Up): "...Ok you're gonna have to help me with this…"

Lucy (acknowledging friends  we all know in the crowd): "…TJ!…TJ Scott...Vicky Pratt (she waves)...Marissa Jaret Winokur (she points over toward Marissa)"

6) What's Up

We all sang with her and during the song she said "I love y'all!"

Changed lyrics: "...all these years and my life is still trying to climb up Universal hill (she points)"

Lucy: "...Universal hill, is that a corporate plug....it's not a corporate plug...I will tell you how far I will go for Universal...I'm a very shy person...we were taking photos backstage...somebody took a flash photo and we looked at it to see if it came out all right and we went *gasp* you can see right thru that dress...so we had to go and cut up a bra and re-rig it and put this flower in the middle so you wouldn't notice...the things I do for you CityWalk...You know what I'm like… I did get the warning letter this week...I think they must have seen my website or something and they said "ooh she's dangerous."

Lucy: "...dedicate this to your favorite actor...whoever they are..."

Lucy continues:  “…I know you can't understand a word I say is that right?"


7) You're So Vain

Went right into...

8) Fooled Around and Fell in Love

Changed lyrics: "...See a girl that I like I get out my book and write down her name (or his name whatever)" Lucy and crowd laughs

Lucy introduces the band

Marissa goes on stage & tries to spray something in Lucy's mouth & then runs back off

Lucy: "...Marissa Jaret Winokur...she can dance and she can sing but she can't spray for diddly"

Someone throws panties on the stage

Lucy: "...The thing that you just threw I cannot pick up...for the same reason I couldn't wear my dress the way it was before...Gotta bring it down some...Getting hot and heavy people are throwing panties..."

She sits down on a stool


9) Hallelujah

Lucy: "...This is how a mother feels about her baby...if your mother didn't talk to you like this she ought to have"

10) New and Beautiful

Lucy: “…Love your babies!”

11) River Deep Mountain High

Lucy: "...City ordinance telling us we're much too noisy and we better hurry up and finish but one more..."


12) Witch (Bitch)

Lucy does her bows: "...Thank you Universal...Thank you everyone...Love you guys"

Lucy was mobbed after the show.  Everyone wanting hugs, autographs, photo ops.  Lucy accommodated as much as she could before security whisked her away.  All in all it was a great show, Lucy sang wonderfully, she looked gorgeous, she was funny as usual and we were all feeling her love & appreciation. 

Thanks Lucy, you’re the best!